Goals: Stepping Stones To Achievement


It is always good to have a goal in mind. I believe goals are stepping stones to achieving my dreams and finding my purpose. They are points on
a map of my desired future. Without goals, my life would have no vision or direction. I have goals for every aspect of my life, such as personal, educational, and professional goals.

So how will I accomplish my goals? By being aware of my level of development with each goal, I can discover the best way for me to achieve each intended goal. I also need to make sure that my goals are clear and achievable. Ken Blanchard discusses levels of development in his book, Leading at a Higher Level (2010). Each development level (D#) corresponds to a leadership style (S#). An enthusiastic beginner (D1) needs a lot of direction (S1), a disillusioned learner (D2) needs to be coached (S2), a capable but cautious performer (D3) needs support (S3), and a self-achiever (D4) needs delegation (S4). He also discusses making SMART goals, meaning they need to be specific, motivating, attainable, relevant, and trackable (time-bound).

For example, my professional goal is to start a nonprofit organization within the next two years. My development level is currently that of an enthusiastic beginner (D1). In order to be successful, I need to be persistent in learning and seeking help from those with more knowledge than I (S1: direction). Skills such as business writing, marketing, grant writing, and fundraising will be most helpful in my effort to achieve this goal. The biggest challenge I am sure to face will be funding. I will enlist help from my community to help me start my organization. I will need many volunteers to make it successful. I will use my current community connections to help me build skills and facilitate relationships that I may need in the future.

These goals will help shape me into the person that I want to be. Being aware of my development with each goal will help me make the proper objectives to accomplish them. I hope to reach the development level of self-achiever (D4) with all my goals. To be adept and achieve anything that I put my mind to do is what I believe true self-leadership is. After all, a great leader is one who can lead their self to better opportunities and a better future.


Success (Talent vs. Skill)

Success doesn’t come in one day. It is an ongoing and never-ending process. Many people do not reach their desired level of success simply because of complacency and impatience. We as people are no longer patient enough to see the fruit of our labor; we want instantaneous results. However, nothing can be achieve without putting in the effort and time required to make a dream into a reality.




noun – a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity

verb – to bring to a focus or into focus; to concentrate

Imagine living your life with this word ever present on your mind. Think of the things that you could accomplish and the wonderful things that you can achieve, if just one of your goals was brought into focus. What would happen if you gave a task your whole attention. I will tell you. Something great, excellent, and magnificent will happen. When you put your all into a goal or an objective, the chances of it being completed are much higher. Though it is true that some failures may occur, remember that failures are not the focus of your life. You are much more than a statistical analysis of successes and failures. You are a brilliant array of extraordinary possibilities. Take life by the reins, and FOCUS on your infinite possibilities!

Attitude Makes a Difference

No More Excuses

You cannot convince me that you do not have the time to be great. There are 168 hours in a week. If you work for 60 and sleep for 49, you still have 59 hours left. That’s almost 2.5 days of “free time” to allocate. No more excuses!

—J. Nobles